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First day in Kansas City

Sujin, Evan and I arrived in Kansas City today, and are staying at the Sanctuary of Hope, a retreat center, until our apartment is ready later this week. Coming into the city, it already felt like home. I never lived in Kansas City, but worked here from 1997-2001 while working on my DMA at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. It was nice seeing familiar place and road names. We drove a short distance to a Mexican grocery and got takeout food for dinner. Sujin and I both far prefer neighborhoods like this to the suburbs, and I think it will be a good experience for Evan too. Tomorrow will be my first day of work. It's odd that I've never actually been there yet. Due to COVID-19, the interview process was entirely over the phone. I'm looking forward to actually meeting Fr. Blaha in person and getting this project started. It already feels right, and I ask God's blessings for our journey ahead. Upward and onward.

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